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## optional variables
## outputs
* `id` - The zone ID.
* `vanity_name_servers` - List of Vanity Nameservers (if set).
* `meta.wildcard_proxiable` - Indicates whether wildcard DNS records can receive Cloudflare security and performance features.
* `meta.phishing_detected` - Indicates if URLs on the zone have been identified as hosting phishing content.
* `status` - Status of the zone. Valid values: active, pending, initializing, moved, deleted, deactivated
* `type` - A full zone implies that DNS is hosted with Cloudflare. A partial zone is typically a partner-hosted zone or a CNAME setup. Valid values: full, partial
* `name_servers` - Cloudflare-assigned name servers. This is only populated for zones that use Cloudflare DNS.
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