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vagrant-windows is not needed now that 1.6 required

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......@@ -79,11 +79,13 @@ If you have serious objections to OpenSSH being installed, you can always add an
* Build a base box using Packer
* Create a Vagrantfile, use the base box from Packer, connect to the VM via WinRM (using the [vagrant-windows]( plugin) and disable the 'sshd' service or uninstall OpenSSH completely
* Perform a Vagrant run and and output a .box file
* Perform a Vagrant run and output a .box file
### Using .box Files With Vagrant
If you are going to use the .box files produced by the project with Vagrant, you should also use the [vagrant-windows]( plugin, which will ensure Vagrant works well with Windows. This will also allow Vagrant to use WinRM to communicate with the box.
The generated box files include a Vagrantfile template that is suitable for
use with Vagrant 1.6.2+, which includes native support for Windows and uses
WinRM to communicate with the box.
### Getting Started
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