Commit cd267770 authored by Stefan Scherer's avatar Stefan Scherer

Stop Docker Engine and remvoe key.json to recreate on first Vagrant up

parent 0acfb89e
......@@ -6,9 +6,15 @@ if (!(Get-NetFirewallRule | where {$_.Name -eq "DockerUnsecure2375"})) {
Write-Host "Enabling Docker to listen on unsecure port 2375"
cp C:\programdata\docker\runDockerDaemon.cmd C:\programdata\docker\runDockerDaemon.cmd.bak
cat C:\programdata\docker\runDockerDaemon.cmd.bak | %{$_ -replace '^docker daemon -D -b "Virtual Switch"$','docker daemon -D -b "Virtual Switch" -H'} | Set-Content C:\programdata\docker\runDockerDaemon.cmd
cp C:\ProgramData\docker\runDockerDaemon.cmd C:\ProgramData\docker\runDockerDaemon.cmd.bak
cat C:\ProgramData\docker\runDockerDaemon.cmd.bak | %{$_ -replace '^docker daemon -D -b "Virtual Switch"$','docker daemon -D -b "Virtual Switch" -H'} | Set-Content C:\ProgramData\docker\runDockerDaemon.cmd
Write-Host "Restarting Docker"
Write-Host "Stopping Docker"
Stop-Service docker
Start-Service docker
# Do not restart Docker as it creates the key.json with an unique ID
# This should not exist in the Vagrant basebox so you can spin up
# multiple Vagrant boxes for a Docker swarm etc.
Write-Host "Removing key.json to recreate key.json on first vagrant up"
rm C:\ProgramData\docker\config\key.json
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