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Fix GH-23 By Using Updated Packer Builder Names

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## v1.5 (January 9, 2014)
* Fix issue with installation of VM guest tools [GH-23]
## v1.4 (December 31, 2013)
* Update .json files to work with Packer 0.5.0 (the `vmware` builder is renamed to `vmware-iso`, the `virtualbox` builder is renamed to `virtualbox-iso`)
......@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ if not exist "C:\Windows\Temp\7z920-x64.msi" (
msiexec /qb /i C:\Windows\Temp\7z920-x64.msi
if "%PACKER_BUILDER_TYPE%" equ "vmware" goto :vmware
if "%PACKER_BUILDER_TYPE%" equ "virtualbox" goto :virtualbox
if "%PACKER_BUILDER_TYPE%" equ "vmware-iso" goto :vmware
if "%PACKER_BUILDER_TYPE%" equ "virtualbox-iso" goto :virtualbox
goto :done
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