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Update Vagrant instructions

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......@@ -99,7 +99,18 @@ Then run Packer:
packer build -var 'hyperv_switchname=Wifi' .\windows_2016.json
<<<<<<< f5e7200f53fd751beb798b3b4c02af1caa6f41dc
Be sure to set hyperv_switchname to an external Hyper-V switch.
Be sure to set hyperv_switchname to an external Hyper-V switch
I have the ISO already downloaded to save time, and only have Hyper-V installed on my laptop, so I run:
packer build --only hyperv-iso -var 'hyperv_switchname=Ethernet' -var 'iso_url=./server2016tp5.iso' .\windows_2016_docker.json
>>>>>>> Update Vagrant instructions
You then can use this box with Vagrant to spin up a Hyper-V VM. Vagrant currently
needs some patches as well, see the script [install-vagrant.ps1](hyperv/scripts/install-vagrant.ps1)
......@@ -120,18 +131,30 @@ vagrant plugin install winrm-fs
Vagrant 1.8+ will have these gems already preinstalled.
Vagrant 1.8.4 does need some workarounds though:
- There is a bug in get_vm_status.ps1
- winrm-fs needs an update as well
Example Steps:
vagrant init
vagrant box add --name Windows2016Docker
Edit Vagrantfile to refer to it
vagrant box add windows_2016_tp5_docker
Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "Windows2016Docker"
Edit Vagrantfile, and add a configuration for the new box:
vagrant up = "windows_2016_tp5_docker"
config.vm.provider "hyperv" do |v|
v.cpus = 2
v.maxmemory = 2048
v.differencing_disk = true
Now, start it with `vagrant up`
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