Unverified Commit 776ce7f4 authored by Stefan Scherer's avatar Stefan Scherer Committed by GitHub
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Merge pull request #160 from StefanScherer/add-insider-images

Add insider docker images
parents bc1f976e b22fcece
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@
"disk_size": "61440",
"disk_type_id": "1",
"old_docker_images": "microsoft/nanoserver-insider microsoft/windowsservercore-insider",
"docker_images": "",
"docker_images": "mcr.microsoft.com/windows/nanoserver/insider:10.0.18298.1000 mcr.microsoft.com/windows/servercore/insider:10.0.18298.1000 mcr.microsoft.com/windows/insider:10.0.18298.1000",
"docker_provider": "ee",
"docker_version": "18-09-1",
"headless": "false",
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