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Install Docker 17.06.1-ce

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Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -scope Process
New-Item -Type Directory -Path "$($env:ProgramFiles)\docker"
Write-Host "Downloading docker ..."
wget -outfile $env:TEMP\docker.zip "https://download.docker.com/win/static/edge/x86_64/docker-17.06.0-ce.zip"
wget -outfile $env:TEMP\docker.zip "https://download.docker.com/win/static/edge/x86_64/docker-17.06.1-ce.zip"
Expand-Archive -Path $env:TEMP\docker.zip -DestinationPath $env:TEMP -Force
copy $env:TEMP\docker\*.exe $env:ProgramFiles\docker
Remove-Item $env:TEMP\docker.zip
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