Commit 46080048 authored by Seng Lin Shee's avatar Seng Lin Shee
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Fix syntax that prevents update discovery

The Count and other properties of the items were not accessible if there
is only 1 item in the array. This fix ensures that all properties can be

This was tested and discovered in Windows Server 2012 R2. This results
in a longer update time, which proves that there are now more updates
being installed.
parent 189b51e8
......@@ -60,9 +60,9 @@ function Install-WindowsUpdates() {
LogWrite "Evaluating Available Updates with limit of $($MaxUpdatesPerCycle):"
$UpdatesToDownload = New-Object -ComObject 'Microsoft.Update.UpdateColl'
$script:i = 0;
$CurrentUpdates = $SearchResult.Updates | Select-Object
$CurrentUpdates = $SearchResult.Updates
while($script:i -lt $CurrentUpdates.Count -and $script:CycleUpdateCount -lt $MaxUpdatesPerCycle) {
$Update = $CurrentUpdates[$script:i]
$Update = $CurrentUpdates.Item($script:i)
if (($Update -ne $null) -and (!$Update.IsDownloaded)) {
[bool]$addThisUpdate = $false
if ($Update.InstallationBehavior.CanRequestUserInput) {
......@@ -230,3 +230,4 @@ if ($global:MoreUpdates -eq 1) {
} else {
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