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Explain which Windows versions and editions are supported.

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......@@ -6,6 +6,18 @@ This repository contains Windows templates that can be used to create boxes for
This repo began by borrowing bits from the VeeWee Windows templates ( Modifications were made to work with Packer and the VMware Fusion provider for Packer and Vagrant.
### Windows Versions
The following Windows versions are known to work:
* Windows 2008 R2
* Windows 2012
* Windows 2012 R2
### Windows Editions
All Windows Server versions are defaulted to the Server Standard edition. You can modify this by editing the Autounattend.xml file, changing the `ImageInstall`>`OSImage`>`InstallFrom`>`MetaData`>`Value` element (e.g. to Windows Server 2012 R2 SERVERSTANDARD). You also need to update the `UserData`>`ProductKey`> element with the appropriate key from
### Windows Updates
The scripts in this repo will install all Windows updates – by default – during Windows Setup. This is a _very_ time consuming process, depending on the age of the OS and the quantity of updates released since the last service pack. You might want to do yourself a favor during development and disable this functionality, by commenting out this First Logon Command:
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