Commit 29ce6aee authored by Bob Tanner's avatar Bob Tanner


Make sure we find a High Performance power profile before blindly setting
the power profile.
parent 262fc3ad
Try {
Write-Output "Set power plan to high performance"
$HighPerf = powercfg -l | %{if($_.contains("High performance")) {$_.split()[3]}}
# $HighPerf cannot be $null, we try activate this power profile with powercfg
if ($HighPerf -eq $null)
throw "Error: HighPerf is null"
$CurrPlan = $(powercfg -getactivescheme).split()[3]
if ($CurrPlan -ne $HighPerf) {powercfg -setactive $HighPerf}
} Catch {
Write-Warning -Message "Unable to set power plan to high performance"
Write-Warning $Error[0]
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