Commit 28ffb36b authored by Rui Lopes's avatar Rui Lopes

Reduce the login noise by disabling the login banner.

parent 6d699d69
......@@ -39,6 +39,8 @@ $sshd_config = $sshd_config -replace '#PubkeyAuthentication yes', 'PubkeyAuthent
$sshd_config = $sshd_config -replace '#PermitUserEnvironment no', 'PermitUserEnvironment yes'
# disable the use of DNS to speed up the time it takes to establish a connection
$sshd_config = $sshd_config -replace '#UseDNS yes', 'UseDNS no'
# disable the login banner
$sshd_config = $sshd_config -replace 'Banner /etc/banner.txt', '#Banner /etc/banner.txt'
Set-Content "C:\Program Files\OpenSSH\etc\sshd_config" $sshd_config
# use c:\Windows\Temp as /tmp location
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