Commit 1b90dbe4 authored by Stefan Scherer's avatar Stefan Scherer
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Remove qfe patch, remove winrm startuptype change

parent 12bb9003
Set-Service winrm -startuptype "auto"
wget -uri -OutFile C:\Install-ContainerHost-1.ps1
# patch the install script, see
cat C:\Install-ContainerHost-1.ps1 | %{$_ -replace 'qfe =','qfe = 0 #'} | Set-Content C:\Install-ContainerHost.ps1
# create a Task Scheduler task which is also able to run in battery mode due
# to host notebooks working in battery mode. This complicates the whole script
# from a one liner to a fat XML - good heaven.
# to host notebooks working in battery mode.
function Run-Interactive {
param( [string] $commandline)
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