Commit 102f6fbf authored by bigwave's avatar bigwave
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Stop SearchResult display failing

I've lost the URL explaining what the problem was, but the gist of it
was that something in the -Property list has already been formatted, so
piping it into Format-List makes it choke.

This should stop the script throwing exceptions displaying this info,
but I've left the exception handling in as it can't hurt
parent 9cee32ad
......@@ -192,7 +192,12 @@ function Check-WindowsUpdates() {
$Message = "There are " + $SearchResult.Updates.Count + " more updates."
LogWrite $Message
try {
$script:SearchResult.Updates |Select-Object -Property Title, Description, SupportUrl, UninstallationNotes, RebootRequired, EulaAccepted |Format-List
for($i=0; $i -lt $script:SearchResult.Updates.Count; $i++) {
LogWrite $script:SearchResult.Updates.Item($i).Title
LogWrite $script:SearchResult.Updates.Item($i).Description
LogWrite $script:SearchResult.Updates.Item($i).RebootRequired
LogWrite $script:SearchResult.Updates.Item($i).EulaAccepted
} catch {
LogWrite $_.Exception | Format-List -force
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