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Fixing Vagrant steps for Hyper-V in README

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......@@ -122,40 +122,19 @@ The generated box files include a Vagrantfile template that is suitable for
use with Vagrant 1.7.4+, which includes native support for Windows and uses
WinRM to communicate with the box.
For Vagrant 1.7.4 you should update some Ruby gems with
vagrant plugin install winrm
vagrant plugin install winrm-fs
Vagrant 1.8+ will have these gems already preinstalled.
Vagrant 1.8.4 does need some workarounds though:
- There is a bug in get_vm_status.ps1
- winrm-fs needs an update as well
These are fixed in 1.8.5, so upgrading is easiest.
Example Steps:
Example Steps for Hyper-V:
vagrant init
vagrant box add windows_2016_tp5_docker
vagrant init windows_2016_tp5_docker
vagrant up --provider hyperv
Edit Vagrantfile, and add a configuration for the new box:
``` = "windows_2016_tp5_docker"
config.vm.provider "hyperv" do |v|
v.cpus = 2
v.maxmemory = 2048
v.differencing_disk = true
Now, start it with `vagrant up`
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