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Merge pull request #44 from beutepa/my

Added the hyperv-iso builder to windows_10.json
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"builders": [
"type": "hyperv-iso",
"iso_url": "{{user `iso_url`}}",
"iso_checksum_type": "{{user `iso_checksum_type`}}",
"iso_checksum": "{{user `iso_checksum`}}",
"boot_wait": "6m",
"winrm_username": "vagrant",
"winrm_password": "vagrant",
"winrm_timeout" : "4h",
"ram_size": "2048",
"cpu": "2",
"switch_name": "{{user `switch_name`}}",
"guest_additions_mode": "none",
"shutdown_command": "shutdown /s /t 10 /f /d p:4:1 /c \"Packer Shutdown\"",
"disk_size": "{{user `disk_size`}}",
"floppy_files": [
"{{user `autounattend`}}",
"type": "vmware-iso",
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