Unverified Commit 03b8405c authored by Stefan Scherer's avatar Stefan Scherer
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parent a7ab9961
......@@ -43,8 +43,7 @@ if not exist "C:\Windows\Temp\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso" (
cmd /c ""C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe" x C:\Windows\Temp\VBoxGuestAdditions.iso -oC:\Windows\Temp\virtualbox"
certutil -addstore -f "TrustedPublisher" C:\Windows\Temp\virtualbox\cert\vbox-sha256.cer
certutil -addstore -f "TrustedPublisher" C:\Windows\Temp\virtualbox\cert\vbox-sha1.cer
cmd /c for %%i in (C:\Windows\Temp\virtualbox\cert\vbox*.cer) do C:\Windows\Temp\virtualbox\cert\VBoxCertUtil add-trusted-publisher %%i --root %%i
cmd /c C:\Windows\Temp\virtualbox\VBoxWindowsAdditions.exe /S
rd /S /Q "C:\Windows\Temp\virtualbox"
goto :done
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