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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into my · 930727a4
    Stefan Scherer authored
    * upstream/master:
    Update CHANGELOG for v1.8 release
    updated oracle-cert.cer for VirtualBox 4.3.8
    Fix Typo
    Add Additional Documentation For Key Element
    Update Product Key Documentation, Move KMS Keys Into Key Element
    (Commented Out)
    Update documentation to elaborate on Product Key specification Add
    commented Key elements in answer files
    The product keys need to be declared in the <Key /> element, as per
    Update changelog
    Update CHANGELOG for 1.7 Release
    Update Puppet Version to 3.4.3
    Due to the Vagrantfile merging algorithm, having default port
    forwarding in the box breaks multi-VM port forwarding setups.
    Add support for Windows 7
    add support for windows 2012 r2 core
    add support for windows 2008 r2 core
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